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Mission Creek Lagoon Cleanup was a success!

Thank you to our excellent volunteers who helped clean up the lagoon and beach!

On June 2, the weekend after Memorial Day, 15 SBUCC volunteers removed 95 pounds of trash from the Mission Creek Lagoon area at East Beach! Your help was valuable in ensuring that this trash, which included items from Styrofoam to batteries and lighters to a traffic cone, was kept out of the ocean.

While littering is not the only threat that our local creeks face, it is a significant one in our most urban watersheds. Mission Creek flows all the way from the mountains down through the Mission Rose Garden area, Samarkand, Oak Park, and the Westside before reaching the lagoon. Trash discarded in any part of this large watershed can end up flowing into the creek and ultimately the ocean, so every piece counts.

Mission Creek Lagoon is our Adopt-a-Beach site with the City of Santa Barbara Creeks Division. We look forward to holding more cleanups there and at other sites in town, and we'll keep you all posted as to when!

SBUCC Board Members Vince Semonsen and Anne Burdette displaying some of the trash. Vince even brought a long net to grab hard-to-reach items floating in the lagoon!

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