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Neighborhood Creek Stewardship Program


Have you ever walked along a local creek and been curious about the flora and fauna that call it home? Taken notice of an issue like erosion or polluted runoff and sought a solution? Or maybe you’ve just enjoyed the peaceful setting that a nearby riparian area offers?  You could be a creek steward!  SBUCC welcomes all individuals, families, and school/work/community groups to take part in our Neighborhood Creek Stewardship Program and be part of the effort to protect our watersheds.  Together, we can protect riparian ecosystems and build community at the same time!

What is a creek steward?

A creek steward is anyone who gets involved in the ongoing monitoring and/or maintenance of a local creek. Anyone can be a creek steward, regardless of age, experience, or time commitment, and the role can take different forms depending on the needs of the watershed and the interests of the individual. One of the simplest forms of creek stewardship is to just visit the creek regularly and look out for any changes, and if you notice anything potentially concerning, contact local agencies that could help.  Additional tasks that some creek stewards might want to take on may include, but are certainly not limited to:

      ~ serving as a liaison between the neighborhood and local agencies regarding the creek

      ~ monitoring for native and invasive species in the creek habitat

      ~ advocating for the creek's protection in a public policy context

      ~ helping to plant and/or maintain a habitat restoration area along the creek

      ~ cleaning up litter, either solo or as part of an organized cleanup

      ~ educating neighbors about the riparian ecosystem

How does our program work?

However you decide to interpret your role as a creek steward, SBUCC is happy to assist.  We can show you what to look out for in your creek, connect you with local experts and agencies who can be of help, provide supplies for creek cleanups and other projects, and be a general resource for any creek related information or training you may need.  We do not require a specific time commitment or expertise, and everyone is welcome to participate in whatever large or small capacity works for them.  

Email us at if you are interested, and we can correspond over email, meet virtually, or walk the creek and discuss how you would like to be involved and how we can help.

Find your creek using this PDF map or this interactive Google Maps version.

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