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2018 Creek Cleanup Season Begins with a Bang!

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Brian Trautwein, Analyst / Watershed Program Coordinator, Environmental Defense Center

The 2018 Creek Cleanup season got off to a great start! The Environmental Defense Center’s (EDC) cleanup program, cosponsored by Urban Creeks Council (UCC) and the City of Goleta, netted 1,369 pounds of garbage from the first cleanup in the Devereux Creek Watershed on August 18. Healthy watersheds are critical to provide habitat for fish and wildlife, as well as clean water for our local communities.

Thirteen volunteers, including one Goleta City Councilmember, pitched in for over 2 hours to clean Phelps Creek and El Encanto Creek in Evergreen Park. Twelve shopping carts were hauled out of the creeks and returned to the stores which they came.

On Saturday September 15th, twenty-three volunteers removed 751 pounds of garbage and recyclable materials from Glen Annie/Tecolotito Creek as part of 2018 Creek Week and Coastal Cleanup Day. Volunteers included a team from FLIR which participated through United Way’s Day of Caring.

The cleanups are a fun way to make a difference in our community by removing litter from our ecologically sensitive streams. They are wonderful educational experiences where volunteers learn about creek ecology and hydrology, local plants and their uses, environmental impacts, and how to report violations – such as dumping, diverting water, and removing native vegetation – to ensure local creeks prosper.

As a result of these cleanups and EDC’s leadership, the City – with EDC’s and UCC’s support and active engagement – is proposing a Creek Protection Ordinance to safeguard Goleta’s streams against the impacts of new development. The City is also working on a visionary Creek and Watershed Master Plan which will map out how the City and community groups can restore and revitalize Goleta’s amazing creeks for future generations to enjoy.

The next creek cleanup is September 29th at San Pedro Creek. Please RSVP to Brian Trautwein at EDC:


  • (805) 963-1622 ext. 108

2018 Remaining Creek Cleanup Schedule

  • San Pedro Creek: September 29th

  • San Jose Creek: October 13th

  • Maria Ygnacio: October 27th

  • Atascadero Creek: November 10th

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