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Earth Day 2024! 
April 27th-28th, Alameda Park

Come join us!


Every year, SBUCC is proud to have a booth at the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival, where we educate community members of all ages about the values of healthy watersheds and promote ways to help steward local creeks.  We're excited to do it again this April 2024, and like much of the work we do to protect creeks, we welcome extra hands!

2023 was a banner year for our Earth Day booth- we debuted new T-shirt and bandana designs featuring creek maps and riparian animals, which were a hit among those who like to explore creeks in style, and we captured the interest of many children, families, and adults with the EmRiver Stream Table we borrowed from Righetti High in Santa Maria.  (In the photo above, visitors gather around the stream table as board members Louis Andaloro and Dan McCarter invite them to explore how different alterations change the course of the model river.)

Thanks to a generous grant from the El Gato Channel Foundation, we have now acquired a Stream Table of our very own, and we can't wait to bring it out at Earth Day 2024!  

Are you as excited as we are to play with the new Stream Table?

Do you love creeks?

Do you want to pass along your love of creeks to fellow community members?

Help out at SBUCC's booth!

Frequently asked questions:

  • Q: Do I need experience to participate?  

    • A: No experience needed!  We're happy to teach you everything you need to know to help out at our booth.  It's a great opportunity to learn more about local creeks and how to protect them, as well as how to educate the public using an interactive model.​

  • Q: What will volunteers help with?

    • A: Opportunities include engaging the public with our Stream Table, talking with community members about their relationships to their watersheds and how they can get involved in protecting creeks, selling merch, and setting up and taking down the booth.  If a certain activity particularly interests you, let us know in the comment section of the sign up form!

  • Q: When do I need to be available?

    • A: We're flexible!  Earth Day is open 11-7 on Saturday the 27th and 11-6 on Sunday the 28th.  In addition to helping out during live-action hours, we would also welcome extra hands for setup (9-11am on Saturday and 10:30-11am on Sunday) and takedown (7-8pm on Saturday and 6-7pm on Sunday).  ​Volunteers will typically be scheduled a 4-hour shift, but if you're interested in helping for a shorter or longer time, let us know and we will accommodate!

  • Q: What even is a Stream Table?

    • A: It's an interactive model of how rivers work and how they change course due to natural and manmade events!  Simply described, it's a sandbox with water flowing through it, and you can manipulate the sand to mimic different land alterations like building bridges or wells.  Watch a video of one in action below:​​

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